South Auckland Middle School offers free, outstanding education for boys and girls in Years 7-10 using the Villa Education Trust Integrated Project Based Curriculum.


South Auckland Middle School (SAMS) is situated in Manurewa, in beautiful, spacious surroundings on Mahia Road.  SAMS is what the Government refers to as a Designated Character School.  Over 80% of those enrolled are from Maori and Pasifika families.  Students are taught in class sizes no larger than 15 and are grouped into 'villas' of 60, each overseen by an experienced and fully qualified Academic Manager. Students and families are supported by a Community Liaison Manager (CLM) whose role is to be the link between the student, school, the family and the community.  The CLM identifies what support and guidance is available and works to ensure students are in school each day, ready and able to learn.  All students are provided with uniform, stationery, field trips, on site I.T and a personalised learning plan.

Students learn through the Villa Education Trust unique Integrated Project Based Curriculum, in class sizes of no more than 15. Days are split with a strong focus on academic learning in the mornings and art, music, physical education, drama and community involvement in the afternoons.  The teaching model ensures all students develop extensive knowledge, research skills and motivation to enable them to succeed in the senior secondary school years and beyond.  Catering for all intelligence traits and learning styles, academic standards are high and expectations of the students are both demanding and fully supported. 



Please visit us weekdays, between 9am and 4pm to enrol, collect further information or to see for yourself the excellent facilities and education in action.


South Auckland Middle School:sams pic2

  • Teaches the New Zealand Curriculum to a very high standard.
  • Has highly qualified and outstanding teachers.
  • Has a student:teacher ratio of 15:1.
  • Provides free education as well as free uniform and stationery.
  • Provides a core programme that consists of Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and Technology.
  • Provides students with independent time to work on cross-curricular projects.
  • Is based on a proven model.
  • Is inclusive of, and works closely with, families and the local community.
  • Tracks and supports students after they have moved to their Year 11-13 schools.
  • Has state-of-the-art ICT.
  • Has outstanding sports development through top quality sports organisations.
  • Is located at 198 Mahia Rd. If you are interested in hearing more and being added to our database, please email us. Please feel free to use the following enrolment form or email your contact details. 


Here you can see what our unique approach and growth mindset means to one of our families: